Zijihad Wiki Edit Wars

In late July of 2008, an ezboard/yuku splinterverse wiki was created.

User memyselfand1 created a page for an incident known as zijihad. Another user, Eurytol felt it needed some work and added additional information. Then some dude made a bunch of spelling corrections (nerd). memyselfandI didn't like some of the edits and reverted it back to an earlier version. This triggered an edit war of massive proportions.

Commentary and flomes spread slowly spread from the wiki, then to private forums. Thats when it really took hold. Within days it had spread to the splinterverse, then to message boards worldwide. Once it hit the JennyCraig support message boards it became a global phenomenon.

Political leaders felt the need to weigh in on the subject eventually resulting in Israel and Palestine discovering they weren't that different after all.

In the end, the Zijihad Wiki Edit Wars resulted in the Brussels accord where all world leaders aligned to end war and famine forever.

Oh, and memyselfand1 was right all along, or summat.

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