Wiki Edit Wars

All sorts of fun editing battles mark the beginning of this Splinterverse wiki, reflecting one or more of the following:

  • Anal Retentiveness
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Animosity
  • Embarassment
  • Nose Tweaking
  • Babysitting
  • Abuse of Power
  • Anxiety Attacks
  • Control Issues
  • Rampant Egotism
  • Tourettes Syndrome
  • Retardation
  • Indignation
  • Hair pulling

Some Noteworthy battles so far:

Splinterverse Posters » Nakedwench v. blockhose and Others

hose: It appears that Wench's entry in the Wiki is riffing off of CRA's… or something like that. I dunno. Like CRA's, it's obnoxiously long and boring and puts children with sugar highs to sleep. As a result, there have been multiple edits to the Nakedwench entry that have run the gamut of complete erasures with one or two sentence replacements, to a completely different long-winded entry that may or may not have anything to do with the poster (I didn't bother reading it, so I don't know for sure). Please note the Wench is apparently outraged that I didn't bother to read her snoozefest, so in fairness I give you Wench's gripping commentary:

Wench: It appears that NW's entry in the Wiki is a must see, in keeping with entries that actually mean something i.e. Incidents; Lexicon; Sites; Posters; Threads. Though innocuous, this entry ruffled some hoser's panties, which seemed to have bunched up so far into his cavernous ass they are coming out of his ears. I dunno. Maybe it's because there are words with more than six letters, sentences with more than seven words, and even coherent paragraphs! Since the entry is SO daunting, the hoser didn't bother reading it, so he still knows nothing relevant. Unfortunately, being new to Wiki and unfamiliar with the editor features, NW wrote and edited in-frame rather than offline, saving her thoughts along the way. Edits have run the gamut of complete erasures with one or two sentence replacements to a completely different entry that may or may not have anything to do with the poster. In any event, this entry, as written by the OP, provides a candid look into NW's minor role in the Splinterverse. And apparently since outraged has more than six letters, the hoser doesn't grasp the meaning. Please note that the counterpoint perspective displays posturing which provides empirical evidence of the transparent lust poor hoser barely contains. His attention may or may not be causing NW's 'special places' to tingle.

Has the gradeschool deflection ever worked for ya? 'Cause the whole "you want me" angle is really a low scoring option. I'd suggest starting with a "yo mama" taunt, followed by a series of spelling flomes, then finish it off with a triple sumersault/half twist I'm-rubber-you're-glue dismount.

Now see, I was trying to be nice. Sort of. At least I did give you the benefit of the doubt and took out the whole over bloated self-importance characterization. Ya just hadda go prove me wrong, dint ya? Your latest sting sounds much like "EWWW COOTIES" to me. Add the bloat, stir vigorously, and yeah, there ya go: self impotent. Oh. an' yo momma.

You write a novel in your wiki entry and I'm the bloated self-important one? Could you at the very least make some sense when you flame me? BTW - Here's the Cliffs Notes summary of your entry: 47e258181d02aa72a85f443ba6373e6626e61f9.jpg

Sweaty: Would you two just get a room and fuck already?

You think an essay which contains a concise history of Wench for the last eight years on EZ-YU is a NOVEL? Well that explains much about you.

Yeah a Sweaty-Hoser sammich sound delish! DP does not stand for doesn't play.

Splinterverse Posters » Malnathor v. The Unwashed Masses

Mal, as wiki administrator, has instituted locks on some "active" entries, to the chagrin of some. While some of these locks may have been responses to personal requests, such moves are seen by some as restricting the freeform culture that a wiki is intended to have. Others couldn't care less and just want to surf porn in peace. And really - can you blame 'em?

Splinterverse Posters » Humperdinck v. kf59

Humperdinck, fueled by crack and Red Bull, has been riding a formatting tornado. Kf59 has threatened to flick boogers at him if he doesn't come down. added link - humperdinck <— See what I mean? The guy needs an intervention! [citation needed]1

Splinterverse Posters » ColbyRulesAll v. Spammers(?)

ColbyRulesAll instantly created a massive autobiographical entry wherein he swore that his greatest achievement at Survivor Sucks was a thread about the 2005 baseball season getting inducted into Monster Island. After 25 edits chock full of crap from people who have no sense of humor, the page was locked by a moderator. CRA has protested this decision, saying he isn't done with the entry yet and it remains a work in progress. His intention was to create a spoof of a real Wikipedia entry. The page has since been unlocked.[Citation Needed]2

Incidents » Zijihad (aka Eury v. memyselfand1)

In late July of 2008, an ezboard/yuku splinterverse wiki was created.

User memyselfand1 created a page for an incident known as zijihad. Another user, Eurytol felt it needed some work and added additional information. Then some dude made a bunch of spelling corrections (nerd). memyselfandI didn't like some of the edits and reverted it back to an earlier version. This triggered an edit war of massive proportions.

Commentary and flomes spread slowly spread from the wiki, then to private forums. Thats when it really took hold. Within days it had spread to the splinterverse, then to message boards worldwide. Once it hit the JennyCraig support message boards it became a global phenomenon.

Political leaders felt the need to weigh in on the subject eventually resulting in Israel and Palestine discovering they weren't that different after all.

In the end, the Zijihad Wiki Edit Wars resulted in the Brussels accord where all world leaders aligned to end war and famine forever.

Almost lost in the kerfuffle was the fact that it was squashthebeef who coined the term "Zijihad".

Oh, and memyselfand1 was right all along, or summat.

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