On the April, 7, 2004 episode of American Idol's third season, Jennifer Hudson (also known as "Boomquisha" aka "Boomie" to American Idol tards) gave an outstanding performance that received a standing ovation. However, when the camera panned to Jennifer's family in the audience, one black girl was shown standing with her arms crossed, wearing a light blue top and casting a menacing stare towards the stage.

A poster at Sucks noticed this, and started a thread titled, "Bitch Who Refused to Clap for Boomie Thread", inquiring who this person might be and why she wasn't clapping. Soon, another poster posted a screencap of the girl, and much laughter was had for one and a half pages.

Then the poster Gregoire said at 1:22PM Board Time the next day:

I would like to see BWRTCFB in a variety of situations where it would be inappropriate for her to not be reacting. I want to see her reaction to the Hindenberg crashing, to JFK's assassination and other nationwide tragedies.

Half an hour later, poster Carolyn Manson made the first of thousands of photochops that would become known as the "Whatevia" chops. The chops were all as Gregoire described: they featured the black girl posed as she did for Boomie, staring at various tragedies and looking totally unimpressed and emotionally unaffected. Since then, the girl has been named "Whatevia" by posters (a name also coined by Gregoire) and she has become one of Sucks's greatest icons.

In May of 2004, a poster reported that she had met the real life Whatevia, saying that her name is Kiana and that she is Jennifer Hudson's cousin. Kiana said that she had the flu that day and therefore looked terrible on camera.

Regardless of this fact, the thread continued to grow. It now contains almost 150 pages of posts and is overflowing with chops of Whatevia apathetically staring at somebody or watching an emotionally impressing event unfold.

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