Verminous Countenance

Old timer that's been around since March of 01. Member of WHE, RS and dozens of other boards. After several public board romances he got married to a non-board person and boardicided. Returned to posting after a couple of years and is now a regular at WHE, RS and UnRealitySucks. Main claims to fame

  1. The Nightly Nerdlinger News
  2. The Thirteen Greatest Science Fiction Movies +1
  3. Hoarding The Journal ( I only had it for a month! Hardly a MrScampers level incident! )

Needs to fire back up the webcam again.
Unusual tattoo, and fine bike.

(Known) Ghostnics

Pucker the Singing Starfish
Endgame Fatale
Dark Verminous
Skinheads Bowling

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