'nilla, niller, vs, icon, PBR trailer queen, Cygnus' nemisis, OMG IT'S HER. Love her, hate her, call her what you will but she's been a staple of the 'verse since the beginning and continues to post (usually in an alchohol fueled daze) and show people the error of thier Amish ways. Witty, pointed and not afraid of controversy, nilla keeps us on our toes. Has had a crush on blockhose, gbiad, JED, and so many other posters that we'd need two wiki's to list them all. Currently resides at Island of Sardonica.

Began using the affectation of "icon" after griftd answered a question about being a well known administrator with the response "it can be difficult when you are an icon".

Best board buddy Downy.

edits wiki pages under the name "splinterho"

Secretly desires to be a crazy cat lady.

badass motherfucker who will think nothing of whipping you with string cheese and you will LIKE IT! Or something. I'm really just trying to be nice and not mention that she loves to read Walden and would love for people to send her messages about that work of ART that so changed her life.

Infamous for her professed lifestyle as a submissive. Engaged at one time to Gotajaguar.

Singlehandedly keeps PBR in business.

Actually more sane than most of OT.

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