Tobacco Rhoda

One of the funniest posters whose main fault is she doesn't post enough.

Chain smoker. Doting Grandmother. Chronicler of the lives of Snowflake v.1.0 to v.5.5.1

Antique collector. Pays very high insurance premiums on her car. Not eligible for the good driver discounts. Accidently ran over husband. Enjoys getting lost in the woods, while wearing leopard-print nighties. Sometimes plagued by territorially-minded avians.

Won the 2002 Fucktard Of The Year honor at Sweatys after stuffing the ballot box and ousting favorite hosemedown. Ran King of Masks and Oiler off the boards with one fell swoop of her rapacious talons.

Has a strange obsession with zebra prints and poker tables. Huge board crush on character nic FLF Spokesperson. Friend of Delta Dawn. Posts from the attic of her tastefully-decorated split-level mansion.

This description is okay but it's no Wall Drugs.

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