Not with us anymore, but always in our hearts.

Original Sucktard, PD'er and converted Chew, her board persona was that of a ditzy drunk with an affinity for cleaning closets and sniffing urine. In RL she was a loving mother and wife, and unlike her board persona — didn't drink. Where her RL and Board personas met was in her ability to bring disparate people together through her kindness and good nature ( See CBT vs. CBV ).

Originator of the TFux: Misusing and/or mixing metaphors and aphorisms for comic effect (e.g. "sharp as a doorknob").

Board mistress of Goobers. Fond of garden gnomes. Had great stories about Mr. Fix.

Passed away after a brief battle with cancer. Immortalized in the wallpaper at Sucks OT,. Many of her Fixy-isms can be found at her Tribute Board which was created by some of her friends.

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