Three Must Die

Nilla made a cryptic post in OT, stating that there was a mole at The Mexican Jail and that 'three must die." This caused TC to believe that someone was leaking vital Chew secrets to the Frievils at Slaphappy Pinata, a splinterboard she considered to be a 'motherfucking piece of shit' board. This brought SlimeSlurp great sorrow, as she found TC to be hilarious.

The suspected moles were new Chews AnalProbst, Marty the Marquesan Moose (who was neither a moose nor Marquesan) and Redundantly Redundant. There actually were no leaks involved, but Nilla's post achieved her intention, which was to throw shit at the wall to see if anything stuck and to foster an atmosphere of suspicion and infighting among the Chews. Three Must Die sowed the seeds that later became Chewnobyl.

The implosion of the Chews resulted in a new board, UberHoles, being created. A hilarious thread entitled Mexidus with many hilarious chops ensued.

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