Thread Killer

The last poster to a thread that exists beyond page 2 of the Board… excluding of course Null Sets and Double "0"s. This is actually a desirable accomplishment and no doubt reflects the average poster's desire to have the last word on every topic every frickin time around here. Many compete for the coveted title of Thread Killer.

Thread killing…the finer points of the sport
Thread-Killing is an oft misunderstood term I fear. Being the last to answer a thread is not quite the victory it seems. To be a True Thread-Killer there are certain requirements.
1. The originator of the post has to be expecting the thread to actually stay on topic. There has to be an actual purpose to their post.
2. There must be at least some effort by others to stay on topic and give the post some validity.
3. There must be an actual attempt to Kill the Thread by a person or group of persons.
A True Thread Killer does not necessarily have to have the last post on the thread for that is not their goal. Their goal is the utter and complete devastation of the original posters intent. A Master Thread Killer will not only eradicate completely any chance of recovering the thread but will also turn the the originating poster into a shattered heap of soiled, spineless flesh, so humilated they leave the messageboard never to return again.

To see a fine example of such a rare event go the forum marked ARCHIVES go to page 10 then go to the 21st post on the page, titled 'Nilla , oh 'nilla with thread originator being lexalicious854. Watch as the evil Triumverate of Jedi Master Thread Killers The Poster formerly known as Prince , Alkabong, and incrediblegobstopper, weave our web of wickedness to annihilate lexalicious854; her last words uttered being

This is my last reply to this thread, all the MP shit is making it not worth my time. If you have a serious comment, please e-mail me (**@*.com) L.F.

But be wary! This is a destructive power of untold fury, only to be unleashed in the most drastic of situations!

From The Laptakan Phrasebook Vol. One

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