The Secret Codex Of The Spoiler Boards - Epilogue - Good Night Moon

The Secret Codex Of The Spoiler Boards

Epilogue - Good Night Moon

It was over. The show. The war. My personal feud with gatormeatisyummy. All over.

Spoiling still continued in the MESS hall but for all intents and purposes it ceased elsewhere.

Spoilers wasn’t completely quiet but you could certainly hear a mouse whisper into cotton. It quickly became obvious that we weren’t paying attention to the rules anymore. Following the riotous party that happened the night of the finale, I didn’t even clean up the Spoilers forum. It was wasted with off topic threads and I didn’t care.

I turned my back and walked away. Spoilers soon turned into an off topic paradise. You could post nearly anything and get away with it. I checked in every few days, but didn’t lock or delete anything.

In Sucks and Off Topic, the residents were not as tied to the show any longer, so they continued posting away with their usual vigor.

Past experience had shown us that Sucks could get pretty outrageous, pretty fast, if we paid absolutely no attention to it. Beefjerky proposed making two of the saner Sucks posters moderators to help out. No one objected and kf59 and MadWoman were promoted to moderators for the Sucks forum.

Beefjerky must have been in a good mood. On 5-13, he unbanned Vanillaslave. It lasted exactly one week. She had stolen threads from the Rathaus and began posting them all over the board. She was banned again and I secured the Rathaus.

Banning Vanillaslave was not Beefjerky’s final act.

The same day he banned her for the final time, I was checking around the boards and noticed a post titled “we live, we die, and death not ends it”. Beefjerky was leaving. I didn’t believe it. Beefy was always a smart ass and he loved a good joke. I posted that he should get off the drugs and get back to locking threads.

I then went to the Rathaus and saw that he had posted there also. He was really quitting. His final wish was that OkieLoki be given administrative powers and that Madwoman and kf59 should be let loose on the whole board.

It’s a strange thing to stare at a message board and feel a warm, wet tear slowly fall down your face. In the beginning we had fought. Soon, we became friends. We jousted and played on CBT. We stood back to back and guarded each other during the fury of the board wars. He was my partner in mischief. He was my comrade in my arms. He was my brother. Now, he was gone.

My heart filled to the rim with sadness as I took the steps to honor his final request. I promoted Madwoman, kf59 and Okieloki and sent them the keys to the Rathaus.

I then looked one more time at Beefjerky’s final post in the Rathaus. I had to laugh a little as my eyes filled with water again. There, in its simplicity, was his essence. Whimsical, even childish in nature but with a poetic finality.

It was simply titled,

Good Night Moon.


Where Are They Now?

vvicked: vvicked was banned very early and has never returned. He has been spotted at other EZ boards but not here. At least not under the name vvicked.

SmelliKimmi: SmellyKimmi was also a victim of early banning, but I hear he will be making a return engagement very soon. (Go get’em Chauncey)

AtlantaFatMike: The court jester of the spoiler boards recently went into lurk mode although he occasionally comes out of his hole. Who knows what he will come up with next.

Vanillaslave: Sadly, she still blames me for most of her troubles. She was finally unbanned again on 7-12-01. She recently made history as being the first person proposed to in a post on EZ.

Cygnus: He hasn’t been back to EZ since his final banning. He continues his crusade to expose the EBT by any means necessary.

SurvivorLover : The first EZ board historian has been seen in foreign lands but has not been seen at EZ since the end of the show.

Seraphaem and the Angels: The cockroaches of EZ. We could never kill them all. He (or they) bragged about an infinite list of EZ screen names. Someone claiming to be Seraphaem still haunts the Off Topic forum throwing out the occasional threat of a return engagement.

Gatormeatisyummy: Has never left his homeland since the final battle of the Board War. Once I thought we would become friends, but no more. He and I have not spoken to each other since our final battle.

DeepKangaroo: Still runs Survivornewsnet. Still posts his information everywhere. Despite our differences during the height of the crises, I learned that he was a reasonable guy who just wanted to do the right thing. He is also is pretty funny if you can get used to his twisted brand of humor.

The Victims of the Days of Banning: In May, I was contacted by PleasePassThePork. I grew very fond of her. Soon after, I unbanned her. Later as I grew to know the residents of Hobietopia, I tried to undue a great injustice. I had always known they had been greatly wronged and it had always bothered me. I unbanned all those I could find. You can see many of them stirring the flames once again in Sucks.

Hobietopia: Alas, utopia remains an elusive dream. Even Hobietopia matured and with it came disagreements between posters, thread deletions and yes, even bannings. They were very sporadic but they happened all the same. It’s still a fun place to visit and blow off steam.

The Gator Board: Not long after the conclusion of the Board War, the Gator Board has it’s own little civil war. This led to a great schism amongst the Gator posters as some followed Gatormeatisyummy to form a new board while others remained at the old board.

The Ellipsiiis Brain Trust: Still as elusive and mysterious as ever, the EBT remains hidden behind its walls.

Pheenix11, Stylemaster20001: Both missing since the end of the show. They and their unique senses of humor are missed.

The Off Topic Crew: Born in the fires of the conspiracy wars, they are still going strong. They formed a tight-knit community that became a sort of kinder, gentler version of Sucks.

The Nameless Admins: Most have left now. They may or may not be back next season. Despite their differing styles, they were just as important as any of us public ones.

The Faceless One: Like the Lord of Shadows, he has disappeared. Will he come back? I don’t know. He remains faceless to this day.

Beefjerky: Still MIA, but strangely I always feel his presence nearby. Especially when I visit Sucks.

The Admins (OkieLoki, Madwoman, kf59, Owen93): Like solitary guardians, they still watch over the board. Kf59 runs around Sucks playing with the residents and reminding us all that just because you put on the uniform doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense of humor. OkieLoki still runs the MESS and carries on Beefjerky's legacy. Madwoman is all over the place, catching things in the tiniest nooks and crannies. With a fiery temper and a quick wit, she reminds me of another admin in his early headstrong days. I always felt that she was like my EZ board little sister. Owen93. The old man of the bunch now. He has seen it all. Like any good witch, he is both here and everywhere. Lending guidance, wisdom, making friends and throwing in the occasional chant. I will always say that the best thing I ever did on EZ was promote Owen to administrator.


As for me? Well, I have had fun. I have cried tears. I have made friends. I have made enemies. I have seen great cruelty. I have seen endless kindness.

I made mistakes, but to this day, I will always believe that I stayed true to the one thing I set out to accomplish. Let fairness and decency always guide me.

That is the end of my story.

It is also the end of griftd.

Goodbye, everyone.

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