The Secret Codex Of The Spoiler Boards

The personal account of the early days of the EZ Board Survivor Sucks by administrator griftd.

Originally published in multiple parts beginning in May 2001, the codex described the history of Survivor Sucks from its creation on February 13th, 2001 to the aftermath of the finale of season 2 of Survivor.

For unknown reasons in January, 2004, the original thread was deleted by the author. However, it had been saved by many people and was republished by Sweaty Butcher.

It now resides in the Monster Island

The Secret Codex Of The Spoiler Boards

Part I - The Beginning
Part II - A Ride Through The Land Of The Amish
Part III - The Night of Deleted Threads and The Days of Great Bannings
Part IV - A New Sheriff In Town
Part V - We Are Switzerland
Part VI - The Return Of Nilla...
Part VII - Angels, Demons and DJs
Part VIII - What Is The MESS?
Part IX - Off Topic Is The Place To Be
Part X - The Gator Strikes Back
Epilogue - Good Night Moon

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