The Kidnapping Of Floopy

Floopy was a Pittsburg Steelers cap with earflaps that could be tied under your chin. It lived at House of Insanity, a dead board that didn't make the jump to Yuku. Floopy would be sent around the world on photgraphic journalistic trips. Each poster that received Floopy would take several pics of Floopy in various places, sometimes even on top of thier heads! Then they would mail the daring chapeau to the next poster, post the pics at HoI and wait with baited breath for the next set. Until MrScampers got it. We believe that Floopy is being held in his crawlspace and is only taken out when Scampers needs something to sniff while he masturbates. Scampers left without a word and no one knows whatever became of the intrepid Floopster.

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