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In 2005, kf59 had an unoriginal thought:

(09/09/05 11:17 AM)

There was an article in the NY Times recently about Internet Journals. A good example is the 1000Journals site. Check out their Other Projects page too.

The basic concept is to take a blank journal, add to it and pass it on. Many of these projects have a 'message in a bottle' approach, where there is a tenuous connection between recipients. The 1000 Journal work itself started when a San Francisco artist left the first journals with instructions in public places.

As pages are filled, people are asked to scan in their work and upload it to the site so others can track the progress.

This is a cool concept. I know other boards and posters have passed along items and taken pictures before resending the object ( Has anyone seen Floopy? ). I would like to know if anyone would want to try a Splinterverse Journal.

There would be a pretty high degree of commitment involved. Not only would the Journal need to be added to in a timely ( and brilliant ) manner, but scans would be expected if possible and there's the nasty meatspace aspect of wrapping it up and taking it to the Post Office.

I'll spam this a little, but am curious if anyone is interested in such an endeavor. If so, post in this thread and, if we reach critical mass, we'll take it from there.

He picked up a spiral notebook, glued shit inside and sent it on its way…

Instructions: You have in your Sweaty mitts something REAL, not your imaginary Internet crap. Please treat it with love and respect and it will reward you with years of pleasure and riches beyond your wildest dreams. If any harm comes to this journal, we know where you live and will send you flaming IP packets of poo!

Take this journal and admire all the hard work that went into making it the organic, beautiful, yet horrifying, artifact that it has become. Smell it. Mmmm, fine Corinthian Leather! Touch it - Mmmm, dollar store Pleather! Love it - but please practice safe journal love - No DNA!

Open the journal of the first part and enter into a binding contractual obligation. You WILL find the next available blank opposing pages. You MUST fill in said pages with something. Here is a list of fillers to get your creative juices flowing:

Acceptable: Finger paints
NOT acceptable: Fingers

Acceptable: Beaks
NOT acceptable: Snouts

Acceptable: A lock of your hair
NOT acceptable: A lock of someone else's short, curly hair

Acceptable: A picture of your baby
NOT acceptable: A picture of Brittany Spear's baby

You get the idea.

Fill in the pages and scan the mess. email me the picture of said mess at (address included in ACTUAL instructions, not for you journal lurkers!). I will host and post said pictures.

PM another lonesome loser, beaten by the Queen of Hearts every damn time!, and get their meatspace address. This is private RL stuff and should be treated as such. I suggest you only contact persons you "know" and "trust" who "don't use too many "quotation marks"". Send them this journal.

Feel free to include some of your friends, family and acquaintances (As if…!), but be sure it is eventually mailed to an EZBoard member of good standing so we can keep it in our own incestuous family.

IF the last page ever gets completed in this lifetime, the lucky WINNER! will email me for my address and I will be sure to give them a hearty virtual handshake and buy them a virtual drink of their selection.

Break the chain and you will suffer a hundred lifetimes of high cholesterol and maybe heartburn too!

Think about it. Can you handle the responsibility? Can you? Can you???

Despite a couple wrong turns where it sat for months without updating, it has some great contributions and continues its way around the 'Verse

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