The 2005 Baseball Season Thread

In early January 2005, CRA began his most well-known thread. Disgusted by myriad threads of mostly pointless bickering between Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees fans, he started The 2005 Baseball Season Thread, a self-described place to "post predictions, talk about our teams, bitch and moan about prima dona players, etc". While sports threads had been around the OT forum since its inception, this was likely the first time someone had begun a thread for a specific entire season. Fellow baseball fans at OT began frequenting the thread and helped keep it near page 1 all season long.[1] Since then, nearly every season of every major sport has had its own thread, and the sports threads are among the most popular threads at OT. Many Sucks posters have asked that a sports forum be created over the years, but to this day the Admins have not seen fit to do so.

This thread currently resides in the Monster Island forum at Sucks.

1. "near page one" being a lot like "almost achieving penetration before orgasm"
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