The 100 Flaws Of Dcreads56

Around mid-2006, mafia members have grown tired of DCReads56's unacceptable behavior in ruling the land of mafia and decided to take action. As a result, a list was made to reveal her true colors to the world of Sucks.

The thread contained the following list:

1) She has meltdowns when Cuathemoc Cosby doesn’t let her post the recaps of Survivor Insider.
2) She makes fun of others for having no social life when she is the last person to be described as “social.”
3) She doesn’t reveal her birthday because she fears people will tell her astrological bullshit.
4) She won’t divulge her SAT score because she’s worried she could be stalked. How can you get stalked from SAT Scores?
5) She doesn’t know who the Clash, Nirvana, and other universally known bands throughout history are.
6) She likes musicals and that effing space western movie.
7) She doesn’t think you can have an opinion on a subject unless you have in depth discussions with college professors at Starbucks with it.
8.) She likes Andrea from the Apprentice
9) Her major is environmental science
10) “You can learn a lot about a person from their views on abortion.” (Abortion is the last thing she has to worry about)
11) She roomates with a Harry Potter roleplaying lesiban who doesn’t shave her legs
12) She’s Completely oblivious to the fact that she’s not really liked.
13) She can recite Beowulf and giggles furiously while doing so
14) She wants to meet people she knows online when they don’t want to and she can’t take a hint about it.
15) She private messages people to tell them to stop laughing at jokes of people she doesn’t like.
16) She hates Calvin Coolidge with a fiery passion for no apparent reason.
17) She hates anything affiliated with the Republican Party just on principle.
18.) She's in mensa
19) She watches survivor only for the strategy and sees no reason to watch it for anything else
20) She likes to analyze any internet game she is around, even if it's one she's not playing in
21) She will argue with you about something pointless that you don't care about and call it a "discussion"
22) she yells at anyone who views judaism as a religion rather than a race
23) She acts like she's sophisticated but says that the best days of her life were at some podunk Ohio county fair
24) She thinks she's being cool when she says things like "CAN I GET A HELL YEAH" or "root root"
25) She only listens to Barry Mannilow and other old-chick music
26) She yells at people for talking about Nickelodeon television shows
27) She constantly says LOL to things that clearly have not an ounce of humor.
28.) She went to New Orleans not to help in the cleanup but rather to brag she went there to "prove superiority"
29) She and her aformentioned roomate fall over laughing when filtering random words
30) She sends random PMs like this:

Don't fuck with me.

- DC
31) She thinks that if you like mainstream stuff, you're a pawn of the corperations
32) Hates Wal-Mart with a passion for no reason
33) Views things as funny if it's said by someone she likes, but unfunny if the same thing was said by someone she hated
34) Her entries in her diary for that pirate game. Seriously, what the fuck.
35) She talks about matzah way too much
36) Her unfounded hate for christians.
37) Her desire to explain christian traditions despite a total lack of knowledge
38.) She's arrogant, complaisant, disdainful, egotistic, lofty, lordly, patronizing, smart ass, snobbish, snooty, supercilious, superior, uppish, uppity, affected, bloated, boastful, bombastic, conceited, egotistic, flatulent, flaunting, flowery, fustian, grandiloquent, grandiose, high-flown, highfalutin, hoity-toity, imperious, important, inflated, magisterial, magniloquent, narcissistic, orotund, ostentatious, overbearing, overblown, pontifical, portentous, presumptuous, pretentious, puffed up, puffy, rhetorical, self-centered, self-important, selfish, showy, sonorous, stuck-up, supercilious, turgid, uppity, vain, and vainglorious.
39) She polls random people on her college campus for an internet game
40) She threw a hissy fit when a partner for said game was missing.
41) She says things like "Cosby, what part of "I've got dibs" don't you get? It takes me hours to complete a full Insider transcription, and doing Tribal Council votes really helps break the monotony. I get a lot of pleasure out of it."
42) She gets a lot of pleasure out of transcribing Tribal Council votes
43) She's a spitter
44) She's pretty much devoid of any functional humor
45) She isn't really good at detecting sarcasm
46) She thinks that a person having a funny and/or intelligent online persona undoubtedly means they are physically attractive in real life.
47) She talks about sex like she has it.
48.) She thinks that Bryan Adams is good lovemaking music.
49) She openly admits to finding the male form disgusting, yet still claims heterosexuality.
50) ielfs9.gif
51) She thinks jean shorts are fashionable
52) She keeps asking people the same question when they are making an effort to ignore her.
55) She thinks she's better than people that don't have a high school diploma (because they're still there) and that don't have in-depth conversations with their profs at Starbucks about dry topics that defo do not warrant an in-depth conversation with your prof at Starbucks.
56) She will PM you in chat if she has a beef with you (e.g. do not laugh at Naj it only encourages him), rather than address it in front of everyone, because she's a whore, causing you to constantly lose focus of the main window.
57) She will send you gay PMs about being offended because you made comments that make fun of her
58.) She will send you ultimatums about your e-behaviour
59) She has cronies (fans?) that report to her.
60) She's incredibly stale. Always looking for "discussions" about inane subjects.
61) She will analyze and criticize your gameplay after the fact in e-games in pm
62) She's Jewish Hitler.
63) She still says ghettofabulous
64) She watches shows just to complain about them
65) GervaseRules:: So know who is really hot and didn't expect it?
DCReads56:: DCReads56
66) Random numbers are the high point of her day
67) She thinks it's an "outrage" when one person gets more votes than another on American Idol
68.) She thinks she's better than people who went to vocational schools because it is impossible for them to know anything she doesn't already
69) lolz 69
70) She's totally insensitive
71) She has no problems making fun of middle easterners, but is offended by someone saying something like JEWlery
72) She claims to "respect" the opinions of people she yells at for holding said opinions
73) She is blissfully unaware of the fact that she's not really well liked =(
74) She puportedly has a jewfro
75) She yells at people for the slightest sign of what could possibly be disrespect towards herself
76) She's oversensitive
77) She's a kike
78.) She's ban-happy
79) Jessfrogger88:: your mom is going in for surgery
Ajenda:: they have to remove something…they are testing if its cancerous as we speak
Jessfrogger88:: where is the thing being removed located
Ajenda:: its her uterus
DCReads56:: Gross
Ajenda:: shes had her period for 70 days straight
DCReads56:: Oh gross
Ajenda:: she cant afford to lose anymore blodcells
DCReads56:: Blood. On the walls.
80) Doesn't like Antonin Scalia
81) She's a bitch
82) She likes Wayne Brady a disproportionate amount
83) Her e-friends are just as boring as her
84) She most likely resembles Pat from Saturday Night Live
85) She did not correct people saying she was a dude for a year, despite the fact that she's "a chick"
86) She's probably a dude anyway
87) She takes herself way too seriously
88.) She considers herself an expert on everything
89) She's from Cleveland, what a hole
90) She's probably fat
91) She's a terrible racist
92) A terrible speller, too
93) She hates hockey (how could you hate Dougie Gilmour?)
94) She hates FEZ, the man beloved by all
95) She wants to go on the Amazing Race with someone from the internet
96) She wanted to meet posters at her house despite refusing to ever share any real life info with them
97) She had somebody put her in their phone as "DCReads56"
98.) Seriously, total bitch
99) She smells like urine
100) She ate my BLT

After 13 minutes, the legendary thread was locked. However, the mafia community feels that it is a major part of history.

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