NOT!!! Banned at RS.

Host of the miracle of one post count every post. Loves you to ask her to be your friend in Yuku, accepts every request. Known to be a great cook. Ignores her family to post full time on line.

Flaming asshole by any measure. Attention whore. Arguably pwns jedgarprober. Coined phrases include: CSN, VOAP… Her sister once logged on as her (Reference to Sitcomlady666)…

Hobbies include shit flinging, home decorating, and guy on guy porn. Has a fetish for prisoners. boring.

Good friends with JDD, who is much missed, and ThursdayFix, may she rest in peace, with whom she started the Goobers ezBoard, one of the funniest boards around.

Used to be Vince Delgato's secretary at Dolphin Park. uberJuked's partner in terror (or fucktardism, depending on your POV). At any point in the day, has at least 6 threads (either started by her or about her) on the first page of Off Topic.


TC (first nic; local nic at Sucks)
TC66 (first global nic)
Brotherly Lover

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