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Here's a start on a FAQ for this board:

Someone sent me a link, WTF is this place?

I started a test board on October 2nd. I was planning on shutting it down, but somehow it got embroiled in a cross-board controversy, and despite my best efforts to scare everyone away, it is still here.

So, at the suggestion of my financial backer, Sitcomlady who purchased GOLD status for this board (after I begged everyone to go away and leave me alone), I've made this a place for everyone to rant and rave and fight.

Beware even though this is technically neutral ground, a lot of the people who come to post here aren't at all neutral. So, if you've come here to work-out your differences in public with another poster, be forewarned that a bunch of nosey posters will probably jump in your thread and call you all sorts of names, tear apart your arguments, and generally call you a freak.

Who is not allowed here?

Everyone is allowed. You see, there are like 20 some boards out there (and that's a conservative estimate) that are somehow related to the mother board, Survivor Sucks. At each of those boards, there is a list of people who are banned, so if a cross-board conflict, disagreement, etc. occurs, there is no place for people to hash-out their disagreements…. until Sweatys. No one is banned here (I can't say that won't always be the case, but that's how we're starting out).

Cool, so that means I can do ANYTHING here and not get banned, right?

Unless you violate EZ Terms of Service, you're not getting banned. EZ TOS includes posting pictures of porn, erotica (unless its girl:girl action, because DeMello and Vanchau dig that stuff too), personal information about other posters, or links to any site that promotes any of the current Boy-Bands.

Who am I kidding, someone will probably push the envelope at some point and post something that totally pisses me off. When they do so, I'll edit out the @#%$ I don't like (tough, my board, my rules) and give 'em a warning. You get (lifetime) a total of 1 warning. The next time I've got to lift a finger to edit out something you wrote, you're gone.

Hey, dude. I posted something and can't edit it.

That's right. Only the Admins can edit. There are only 2 of us, so you'll either have to deal with that spelling error, or that broken link until we get to it, or just post it again (we won't tell). If you post something illegal, we'll edit it out and tell everyone what a raging ass you are.

I hate this place, you guys are d1cks!

Leave. No one is forcing you to stay. If you're worried about sh*t being slung about you when you leave here, you should be. But remember, it is not the REAL WORLD… its only a f*cking message board, and you'll never meet 99.9% of these people in real life, so just let it go.

I love this place, I'm leaving my regular board and will start threads here about how I want to violate Amber's sweet @ss

Leave. If this place turns into anything other than a flamezone, I'll shut it down out of respect for the various home boards.

Dude, my home board sucks

Not my problem.

Sweaty's board was started to test the infamous 'EZ Glitch' - A technique where an Admin at a board could ban and unban a usernic at their board, even if that poster had never even visited the board, and get their email and IP address. He invited kf59 and MadwomanNYC, Admins at Survivor Sucks, to test the glitch. Shortly after, Cygnus came to call. Partly out of his hatred for all things EZ or Sucks related and partly out of his blind hatred of MadwomanNYC. Events of the OT3 were chronicled and much hilarity ensued as Cygnet took on all comers with his particular sociopathic pathology.

When events were losing steam, kf59 invited an ongoing feud from Sucks to use Sweaty's board as a neutral 'Switzerland'. Thus Rycoleman and VenusBlock were encouraged to engage RollerCoasterChick and her various delusional ghostnics to entertain the masses. The entire spectacle crashed and burned around the time Venus and SendagigDotCom changed a board graphic, unknown to kf59 and Sweaty, to track users.

The board imploded and the ruins were referred to as 'Pompeii'. Sweaty shut the board down in January 2002. kf59 snuck back in the next month and turned it into his own kittybox - Crazy scripts, changing backgrounds, Cloning of the Sharpies board, Badtz Maru theme, Co-opting the Ziezoon board and more.

Now it is home to the slowly traveling EZJournal and has become a place of guilty pleasure for those who claim not to read at the board, but can quote posts made there word-for-word. (See JED for more information on this issue).

Popular posters at this board alternately known as 'Sweaty bitches', 'Sweatstains', 'Cacklin' Hens'.


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