Part time poster/lurker and owner of the message board.

During Seasons 2 through 10 (or so), SurvivorLust hosted a "Survivor Challenge" contest at which consisted of a online form-based selection of reward and boot picks. Winners received gift certificates. It was intended to be a non-spoiler contest, however, as the seasons wound on and it became clear that a large portion of players knew the next week's boot long before the show, it was decided to 'call it a day'.

SurvivorLust is known as JBMoney at In the early days of Survivor, he posted occasionally at Survivor Sucks, but mostly lurked. Eventually he moved over to pretty much exclusively lurking at Hobietopia. He did a very short stint as an Admin at Phoenix Poster Zone by invitation of Sitcom Lady, but was purged sometime after Sitcom Lady went into exile and L00ta took over.

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