SUPAMNEO or Lizzie, as her friends call her, is a beautiful South African kugel who is currently studying at university to become a computer programmer. Although she has a very rich father, her relationships with the people and animals around her are far more important. One such relationship with with her horse, NEO, who passed away recently to her dismay. Lizzie is of German descent and speaks 4 languages, including Afrikaans and Zulu.

SUPAMNEO is widely known for her obsession with Jeff Probst and Julie Berry's relationship, however after they broke up in early 2008, she grew sour to her former idol Julie and has sent her various hate mail. She has sworn her off and will never love her again. However she does still lust after Jeff and singing sensation Josh Groban, posting at several Josh Groban websites.

She is currently engaged to Mafia poster Osten Carty and the date of their wedding is TBA.

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