A series of intensive contests in the style of and making fun of Survivor. She314 organized the events and put in hours of thankless work. Played at boards often made specifically for the contests, they involved teams of people, it varied wildly how many teams and how big they were from game to game, that would all compete to be the biggest suckster at the end. Prizes were often given out. Elaborate on-line scavenger hunts, story writing contests, photochopping contests, traffic generation contests, song and video creation were among some of the tasks that players had to complete. One of the tasks was often trying to determine who the shadowy Spoofs Producers were. Some of the known ones were Pthiefofhearts, incrediblegobstopper, kittyphx, darlin' gal, nedloh, Omniponnit, XenaPrincess, Redundantly Redundant, Machine2484, SlimeSlurp, Marty the Marquesan Moose, Anal Probst, and Delilah399.

Elryano2 also ran a spoofs style game at Baby Ducks Are Evil.

Winners of the first spoof game were the Tacha Tribe consisting of volgal, mr mappy (who at the time was another nic, kimmiandjerrilovechrist or something like that), syberspaced, colbyrules, coolranchdoritoes, scary1sherry, final3 and Elephant Shoe, although some of these members did not stay with the tribe throughout the game.

Historians are in agreement that Ursa Muto kicked ass.

Sitcomlady666 was the first organizer & producer. SonOfAbraxas designed the ezBoard and produced along with several others including DingoesAteMyBaby, jennyjct, kf59, Hose_, MrWoodgie and UnkyBob.

nedloh3 & DisorientedSeaCow co produced the second.

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nedloh3's luxury item is a footrest.

I’m 44 years old and one of my fondest childhood memories is my dad coming home after a long day, plopping down in his chair and putting his feet up on his beloved footstool. As my sisters rubbed his feet and I kept his liquor glass full, Dad would regale us with stories of the ineptitude and inferiority of his fellow man. Dad abandoned us to shack up with some babe half his age when I was twelve. He died in a Singapore whorehouse two years later.

I lost my mother to a two year battle with lung cancer in 1992 (gosh, is it really ten years now?) I remember one of the last moments mom and I had together. I lit Mom’s Benson & Hedges (she was too weak to do it herself) and she said: (wheez, cough, cough, acht, spit) “ned, if you ever (wheez, cough, cough, acht, spit) get a chance to be (wheez, cough, cough, acht, spit) in a survivor spoof challenge (wheez, cough, cough, acht, spit) take your dad’s footrest (wheez, cough, cough, acht, spit) as your luxury item.” I said “I will Mom, but I’m not sure if they’ll allow it.” As I shot her up with morphine she replied “Son, it’s just a small thing made of leather and wood (wheez, cough, cough, acht, spit) if it’s not worth risking five points for me I’ll understand (Mom was the master of the guilt trip right ‘till the end.)

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