Someone Is Stupid

created at the mexican-jail by poster iceblunu, who discovered an exploit using javascript that displayed the username of the poster viewing the page.

Links to the post were seeded through ez boards far beyond the splinterverse, advising that people at some unknown board were talking shit about posters at that board. For two or three days, outraged posters angrily complained about being singled out and called stupid by somebody they had never met on a board they had never seen. The longer the thread grew, the harder it was to believe people were still falling for the joke, and the more ridiculous their knee-jerk responses became.

One outraged poster, CRD, posted the now infamous words: "You have been reported to EZ-legal. By me. Just now."

EZBoard eventually closed the javascript loophole, but only after hundreds of sad little WoW cosplay shut-ins were outed as stupid.

The thread resulted in boardicides of at least three Yankee Fans, a 54th level bard/mage, and two protestant youth ministers (citation missing).

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