Batshit Crazy.

Got in a flame war with EVERYONE circa Fall 2001 / Spring 2002. Threatened to have the entire interwebs population banned by EZLegal for TOS abuses related to reposting a picture of her skanky sister. … yeah… so that didn't turn out so well for her. After being handed her hat, she quickly contracted terminal cancer (that was discovered, diagnosed etc. in a matter of days), and then presumably died after slipping into a coma. Miraculously, she rose from the dead, but not after setting up a special paypal donation account where you could send money to her poor orphaned kids. Did I mention she was batshit crazy? Okay, not sure, but if I didn't, remember that she's batshit crazy.

Has plenty of "black friends" who will come to your house and fuck up your shit.

Her sister is a softcore pr0n actress with a very hairy nipple.

Known for ripping off song parodies and claiming them as her own.

A memorial to her special craziness is HERE.

Known Alias'

Heavens Angel

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