Quiche Lorraine

A 'Verse and RL dinosaur. Demi-Luddite. Hit points:59 Armor class:5

Ardent foe of the television show LOST. Administrator of white hat/black hat awards in BillboardCharts thread of Top 500 RS Posters. Struggling haiku poet.

Unrepentant Republican, with a small bent for occasional anarchy as the need may arise.

Doesn't seem to mind riding targets.

Sweetest dirty old man in the verse.

Loves a Das Boot Pic (featuring the distraught machinery chief Johann) like a fiend.

Posed with Bill Nye before his wife tried to kill him and he divorced. See real life friends are just as scary as online ones.

Is adorable, sweet, charming, and walks you to your car if you are a lady all by yourself. Gives great hugs.

(known) Ghostnics

Darth Quiche
Thai Wan Ahwn
Gaseous Ray
Thurston Howell III

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