Queen Pandy

Pandy, owner of madmadmadpandysworld-pandys-world. Originally known as Pandora's Dilemma, which I assume referred to Pandy's sexual identity issues? I could be wrong. It was really a long time ago, and she never sent me any titty pics, so I lost interest.

The original drama queen — always needed to be the center of attention, and took most insults quite personally.

Most memorable/used avatar was that of Gillian Anderson — not sure if it was because she looked like Gillian Anderson, aspired to look like Gillian Anderson, or if she was just trying to get the taped-up-glasses / pocket protector crowd all frothy about her.

Was easily lured into a flame-war, and was known for self-implosion at same. Like Beetlegeuse, all you had to do was whisper her name, and she was there to defend herself. Kf59 used this as a ratings booster during sweeps month for several seasons until Pandy caught on.

Teamed up for a while with 2manchew and with Jakob Speed in some sort of unholy alliance of posters who needed to prove to themselves and others that they really really mattered.


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