One of the first shared ghostnics. Used by several posters to flame fucktards at Sucks. The namesake of the Poignant Discussion board. The name was intended to be ironic, as PD was portrayed as anything but poignant. The use of Christopher Reeve as the signature avatar added to that irony (the whole Superman fantasy/paraplegic reality dichotomy).

Among other pasttimes, PoignantDiscussion enjoyed masturbating with a finger up his butt, as this enhanced his orgasms.

Okay here's the deal.

I have been thinking about what we can do to have a little more fun on the message boards, and here is what i've come up with.

I will open a new user id, and an email account and email all of you the password. This way all of us will be able to login as that username.

Then, here's what we can do:

1) if some True Directions numbnuts starts acting stupid up there, let's log on as this username, and stick it to em. Just totally bombard the idiot with shit til he goes away. This way one username has all the volume and our real usernames can keep their own, happy-go-lucky, smartass identity. I really don't like looking mean up there but sometimes it just have to happen (re: arkangle)

2) if it gets boring, let's start new threads with this username and keep responding to it over and over again. To everyone else, it will just look like some nutjob having an message board conversation with himself.

3) At the email address, we can come up with other ideas, too. I am reading this book on codes. What if we wrote in code with our universal username, and then responded with …, …, …, whoever in regular english. Maybe someone would catch on but I doubt it. Most of the folks up there are box-o-rocks dumb. to everyone else, it would be incomprehensible and we could just sit back and laugh.

4) If there's someone else we want to join the fun, we'll contact them, and then give them the password.

I'm not to concerned about security it's just for fun. If word gets out we could just lay low or open another account.

I don't know? I'm thinking this could be a little fun. What do you all think? maybe it it's really good someone will write a movie about us!! (right)

Please respond to all and let everyone know what you think of this idea.

Oh, a couple others I'd want to get involved would maybe be SweatyB and …. I don't have an address for them to. Anyone else you could think of.

Let me know.

aka …, … and …

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