Poignant Discussion

One of the first Splinterboards. Founded by hosemedown, sweetpopalert, SweatyButcher and others. Members-only admission eventually led to personality conflicts and ultimately implosion. Now a sorry shell of its once glorious past.

Often referred to as "PD", and its posters as "PDers", or "Damn Dirty PDers". Also lovingly referred to as "Elitist Pigs". Named after the ghostnick of the same name.

The PD usernic originally was: Sweetpopalert, SweatyButcher, Unkybob, hosemedown, kf59, Mr. Woodgie, Liz Rules, Jennyjct and Suitmanjones.

Around the time that D*rik started holding court over @ the Sucks board, (May of 2001) Hose opened the PD board - first invitees were only the original PD nic-sharers. There was then an onslaught of posters - most of which invited by sweetpopalert, but some of which just showed up just to flame the hell out of the board and the posters. Originally intended as a refuge from the racist, homophobic asswipes on the Sucks board, PD became the target for cross-board attacks. Some of PD's "enemies" even went to non-Sucks-related EZBoards and cajoled the users there to come over and flame away @ PD. Welcome to 'Seige Mentality' and so began the password-protected forum called "RatBastardville". When the other PD posters noticed that there were more posts in RBville than there were in the main public forum, questions started to be asked.

To assauge the posters, more people were let into the RBville forum, and then shit started to fly. People who had posted private information in that forum started to get upset that the inner sanctum was growing and growing and growing, and stuff that they wanted to be kept semi-private was now public information. Posts from RBville started 'miracurously' showing up elsewhere, and posters who weren't provided with the password started to creep in as well.

Those in the RBville at one point in time or another were Sweetpopalert, SweatyButcher, Unkybob, hosemedown, kf59, Mr. Woodgie, Liz Rules, Jennyjct, Dingos, Rebelzeta, TobaccoRhoda, Sitcomlady, MadWoman, Thursdayfix and dangerouskitty. When kf and Madwoman were elevated to mod and then admin status over @ Sucks, they both bowed out of the PD board and the PD nic.

SB, 4/02

Link: http://escapehatch.yuku.com/

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