Phoenix Poster Zone

PPZ was formed when DingoesAteMyBaby had another epic meltdown at Dead Posters Zone and left. There was a core of DisorientedSeaCow, SurvivorLust, Dingoes and SitComLady666. SitCom was the EZOp of PPZ, but left L00TA in charge as an Admin. L00TA had a control panel question and Admin'd kf59 to help her out. Instead, he de-admin'd her, changed the theme of the board and put it up for sale on eBay.

The board has been abandoned, but maintains the archives of the SplinterverseGazette, a nic L00TA created.

Also the site where TC first posted her infamous picture which has subsequently been reposted, chopped, turned into satirical video, and denied vehemently for years.


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