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Also known as Dyke Cruser or Kombi Man Carty, he is a poster who rose to early prominence in mid-2006 by creating photochops on message board survivor suck. Since then he has been banned 3 times and now posts in the Clubs that Suck board as Dyke Cruser (named after Dyke Higginson of Survivor South Africa II fame, and former model Dave Cruser). His greatest achievement in life is being in the finals of the clubs that suck tournament of champions.

Although he has long since retired from the photochopping business, he now frequents Mafia Chat where he is far and wide considered the greatest thing ever to happen to the people there. Although his heart lies with a few women, most notably SUPAMNEO, x0xcindychickx0x, and DCReads56, Osten enjoys crushing on whomever is present.

Osten sites his biggest influence as fanofcoils and strives to be more like him every day.

Osten Carty Fact [-]
He was the first person ever to flame RudyKnowsBest on message board survivor sucks =o

4 Horsemen 4 Ever

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