Any poster who began their Sucks posting careers in the first couple of seasons of Survivor (2000-2002).

Generally revered as wizened guiding voices, gently instructing the younger poster generations with patience and love. When an Oldbie shows up at the motherboard, they are often treated to a shout-out from fellow oldbies, and generally expect to be treated with some sort of reverence…. When such adulation doesn't occur, they wander about aimlessly uttering phrases such as "Mass Bannings", "Mike's Burning Hands", and "Damn You Dogstalker" under their breath, between making frequent trips to the bathroom to relieve their swollen prostates/empty their colostomy bags. TMI!

Common traits include alcoholism, bitterness, bedsores, and utter disdain for anyone pretending to know anything more than they know. Musty and flatulent. Likely to have survived several surgeries/diseases/marriages/implants. Definitely has survived numerous flamewars/bannings/ghostnics/boardwars/postermeets. Might even be dead, but still funnier than any damn newbie.

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