Not Today

The Not Today incident of December 2005 was an epic battle that could be described as TC vs. TarasMomma or everybody pointing and laughing at TarasMomma. It all depends on who you ask. (TarasMomma or any sane poster, respectively)

When somebody started a thread telling Dead Baby jokes in Survivor Sucks's Off Topic (OT), TarasMomma (TM) famously came to the thread and told everybody she couldn't deal with such a thread being started on that day because it was the anniversary of her baby's death. This invoked TC's disdain and caused her to lead the charge in an all-out mockery of TarasMomma made by everyone without any regard for her feelings, for it was unanimously decided that her feelings were, by and large, smelly and rather icky and not all that worthy of regard.

Things went too far, as things have a way of doing, and a poster decided it would be funny to create a ghostnic of TM's dead baby (get it?). It all ended with various bannings and (thankfully) caused TM to leave OT for good, relieving the forum of much pretentiousness.

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