Hey all, nomi


Pakistani fag who works for Bill Gates.

Used to live in Maryland, but moved to Seattle.

Has a green card.

Used to have a terrible squiggly-shaped mirror in his apartment, to which the OT community objected to, as it was very tacky.

Was known at the mafia community as a very sneaky cheating liar, for breaking his word constantly in Big Brother and Survivor games held at mafia chat years ago. This caused him to become one of the prime targets during subsequent games, and always got voted off or evicted early. He also attempted to cheat in that Ali Baba game. Also, when he went to see jibjab, he made out with a guy that jibjab had a major crush on and also gave him a handjob! This caused a falling out between the two of them.

Has two birthdays: June 12 and October 12, 1983. That would make him 49 now.


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