Nazi Admins

An all too common occurrence on the boards. While many boards have been created to satisfy a certain type of poster and intentionally shut out others (as in nicey-nice boards, Hello Kitty boards, True Christians Unite), there are those boards who have professed a policy of fairness and openness to any poster, only to play favorites with little to no logic behind post restricting or banning specific posters. Invariably this behavior leads to uneasiness in the board population, and sometimes intraboard rebellion.

Twisted panties can cause testicular torsion, people! Avoid wearing underwear that is too tight.

Weapons of the Nazi Admin:

  1. Random post editing, usually attributed to the post "not fitting the tone of the board".
  2. Locking or deleting threads.
  3. Restricted posting privileges, including thread start restrictions and posting limits.
  4. Banning.

Any or all of these may be employed for no reason other than the Admin or moderator of the board being in a bad mood.

See Mister Slippery, Hobie Lapatka.

Also known to happen among Wiki Administrators.

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