Editors Note: The below entry was written, edited, and re-edited by the poster herself. Despite repeated efforts of other editors to remove this self-congratulatory "Look at Me" crap, NW's ego just can't let it go. She doesn't really "get" that the rest of us could give a flying fuck. So… if you want to read this bullshit and stand in awe of her, then by all means do so, but know that the "tone" is not consistent with 99% of the other splinterverse poster entries, and from the way that she goes on and on and on, you'd think that she discovered the cure for cancer. I mean seriously, who the fuck writes about themselves in the 3rd person? — Sweaty

Another editor's note: FWIW, I thought it was an interesting read as an insight to how a poster's "life" at messageboards can be and how it can develop over the span of eight years.
I think most (if not all) of those who have made their own contributions to thier descriptions here have used 3rd person as well. - Modesty

Another editor's note: Good lord. Someone who has never spoken to me, nor knows me in the least assumes that he 'knows' what I 'get'. Almost funny, that. FWIW: The last time I saw this entry (weeks ago), I edited down to a few sentences just to be 'consistent' with the cool kids. Mainly, so their panties wouldn't get in a bunch. Mayhap I was not clear enough when I stated that I barely notice what anyone else thinks of me and I rarely care. If you think this is 'going on and on' well by all means, go back to reading cereal boxes. And yeah 'anyone' who writes about themselves anywhere besides dear diary' and for an audience outside of themselves writes in third person. But then again, I don't giveashit about 'anyone', I do what please me. I take much pleasure in the fact that, though I pared down this entry and even mocked myself in true SUCKS fashion, that anyone would spend even three seconds to write an editorial just to burn me. And for the rest of you, I wrote this as a catalyst to other creative work I am doing, and to share simple insight to one dynamic. I've not shared enough in the Splinterverse and took this excellent opportunity. Thanks for reading. P.S. Bring it, SweatHose, and get your kicks. I may be back. - Wenchie

Nakedwench (Also known as NW) began at Crazy4RealityTV internet site as writer and moderator. As the site quickly outgrew itself and eventually imploded, it was handed over to an unknown entrepreneur. Her first venture onto the internet at C4RTV left a bitter taste from the infighting amongst the small populace.

When things changed over, NW went in search of a Reality TV Fansite to find a new start and she ended up migrating to Planetsucks. In utter naivety, believing she would be better off just being herself, being real and open with her newly found 'friends', NW registered her rl name as her original nic. However, she mostly went unnoticed while she began her earnest search to find a niche and her pursuit of messageboard lurkdom.

Things on the internet continued to change. However, in between first and second seasons of Survivor NW forgot about the internet sites alltogether. Upon the start of the second season of Survivor, NW returned to find Planetsucks going strong, with a core group of 'regulars' and a multitude of traffic from visitors to the site. When Planetsucks changed yet again and went to EZBoard as, NW followed and continued using her own rl name as nic.

During this season NW made countless observations about the 'culture' and before long came to believe that it was in her best interest to stay anonymous and distant. Periodically, NW would chime in and either support or defend an argument. Occasionally she would throw her own flames and zingers. Most usually, she merely enjoyed the entertainment of observation, sometimes more than the actual Reality TV events.

About two and a half years later, NW was inspired to recreate herself as a character nic in keeping with a SS tradition that had evolved. When a raft of new theme nics appeared upon the advent of the sixth season, Amazondotcom was made. ADC, or Dot for short, character nic was a catalyst for deeper immersion and participation. Interacting more than ever before, NW found herself thrown into the deep end, swimming with sharks. She loved every minute of of it, the keen razor-wit and fast thinking required to survive in this 'environment' made it a thrill to be a member among members.

However, years had gone by with some of the members having formed very tight close knit bonds, while NW had kept herself distant. Jumping in and making connections amongst the cliques (and noncliques) was nearly impossible. Mostly because in truth, NW didn't care enough about anything to actually take sides, and much of the time on the boards things always splintered into sides. So indifference had begun to work against NW rather than for her, since she really wanted to contribute, participate, and connect.

So many different things were going on, much behind the scenes, and for the most part NW was completely unaware. Patiently, doggedly, NW made numerous attempts of joining at many of the splinter boards to participate, but other than a random exchange on occasion, the results were nada. NW never really became an integral part of the 'community'.

At the start of the seventh season feeling dissatisfied with the 'character nic' and having stepped on a few too many toes, when the tradition theme nic thread appeare, Amazondotcom quickly transformed into Nakedwench. Though technically multiple nics typically equals a main and its ghostnics, NW considered this nic to be the last and final. For many reasons: the whole pirate theme of season seven; she was also using this moniker for an art show called "The Naked Truth"; the nic fit for her character for the splinterverse game happening at that moment; and largely because finally NW was 'invited' to be an active member on one of the splinter boards.

Joining in wholedeartedly, NW became very involved and very vocal, although still unaware of what was going on behind the scene or the backstory. Also, still believing in the best and taking people and things as they appear, NW unwittingly began a slow descent into boardicide. Going to the message boards was a distraction and a saving grace while NW was going through extreme difficulties in her private life. But little by little, piece by piece, she was falling apart. The boards were entertaining but bordered on obsession at times. For a short period, NW withdrew from life outside the internet.

NW got very closely involved with a small group of people, and especially close to one person who eventually betrayed NW's trust and confidence. At a pivotal point in her life, after having been placed in the middle of many differences that OTHER people had, going through her own disappointment and personal hurt was more than NW could bear. She had a meltdown, going on and on with multiple rants in multiple arguments happening concurrently across the Splinterverse, eventually NW went to one forum and in a public display of complete insanitardedness, posted all her personal differences with one of the people who she felt betrayed her. In fact, this entire 'incident' was a minor and silly thing, which of course NW knew nothing of the back story or history, NW's involvement was very extraneous but she took it as extremely personal.

During many of her rants throughout the splinters, NW alienated people en masse. In fact, most people had still not even noticed NW more than in passing, but when she went stark-raving ranty, NW sealed her fate in the Splinterverse as a non-entity. Fortunately, her boardicide never happened, although NW takes many many message board breaks. Currently, NW still visits and lurks Splinterverse places she has not been excluded from. Sometimes she evens participates.

She has been here from the beginning and knows countless things that people have revealed throughout the years, though still laughably unaware of a lot. In fact, by now everyone has changed identities or even shared identities so much that the facts easily become convoluted. Interestingly, NW finds herself back where she started…preferring the entertainment of observation and not really caring enough about anything to take a stand or 'pick sides’.

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