Mister Slippery

Reincarnic of Survivor Sucks admin Owen93 AKA Miss Prissypants, The Dutchass of Applesauce

Known for his kindness and patience with newbies. OK, not really.

Openly gay, old and fat and prefers 5'5" mesomorphs.

Probably shouldn't be adminning any boards while on his period.

Not a fan of people posting while he is sleeping. BFF with Shag the globally banned. but becomes upset if you mention it. Protector of wimmenfolk who suffer losses. Sender of very threatening PMs… and does not enjoy the response of "lighten up Francis" from the recipients. Seems to be "going through a phase"
and enjoys violating TOU at Yuku by diagnosing the mental illnesses of others. Used to be much more sane.

Is a fucking psycho who thinks talking about his dreams of fisting young boys is ok, but tardbabies are off limits.

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