His name is not marty and he is not a moose.

Quick-witted and has a level of sarcasm that is pretty much unmatched.

A tedious shitstain who failed in his quest to bed half the women in the splinterverse.

TC values his opinion and always asks what he thinks when something important comes up.

Genuinely kind person. Great mind behind Dick and Jane series, and the graphics of the Ban Jane era at RS.

Did Trivia for a while but still managed to insert sarcasm into questions.

One of the posters that helped Xabana commit boardicide.

Boardicides for long periods of time only to unfortunately resurface.

Been known to fly into epic bouts of crazed editing.

Afraid of heights.

Is strangely aroused by little people dressed as ostriches.

Smells like cheese. Not good cheese either.

Likes to edit Wiki pages.

Has a ginormous fuzzy rack.

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