The Mafia board was originally started by X Bilkis to play the humble game of Mafia at a board that did not have the vile wench StarStarRedux present. DCReads56, another key cog in revolting against the previous boards who had hosted the game in chat, was also made an administrator. The board was an immediate success; games of Mafia were held every Saturday and everyone in the whole wide world loved it. One day, however, Bilkis decided that he would leave the site forever for the greener pastures of his real life, and gave control of the board to DCReads56. Upon returning the next day, Bilkis was shocked when DCReads56 would not return it to him. This was the first sign of the powerhungry wench that DCReads56 would become. Despite her Hitleresque (how ironic!) reign over the board, it became not only a spot for hot e-game action but also a haven for discussion among legendary posters such as Naj, X Bilkis, GeneOkerlund27, Ameroonie, and Osten Carty.

The ezChats at mafia provided a fertile breeding ground for Louie77's several e-loves: Princess-dd-cup, Ajenda, Amanda etc.

For some time, DCReads56 insisted that the board not move from ezBoards to Yuku because Yuku Chat is wretched, and tried to delay the move as much as possible. However, the inevitable happened, and the board finally moved to Yuku. Ever growing desperate not to have to endure Yuku Chat's wretchedness, mafia members tried to look for any available ezchats for people to go to. Eventually, GeneOkerlund27 found a haven at Iowa, and all was well, yw!. The gang now rests at an Iowa Hawkeyes chatroom where dreams come alive

Risk: The Game Of World Conquest is extremely popular there, as are any and all international Big Brothers.




Mafia Board

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