Madmadmadpandysworld Pandys World

From PPZ's SplinterverseGazette obituary of November, '03:

MadMadMadPandysWorld Pandys World, a 2 year old ezboard, passed away Saturday, Nov. 14, 2003. It was born to Queen Pandy and 2manchew in pub 151 and graduated from Sucks High School in September 2001. It enjoyed brief fame as one of the original splinterboards, and as a target of Poignant Discussion. It enjoyed halloween parties, late night chats and subnicing kf59. Preceded in death by Lil Pete, 2manchew and PIMP, aka potatoinmypocket, it is survived by several admins, thecolbytwins Moulin Rouge sister board, and various grandgrudglings. The former admins request that in lieu of flowers, memorials may be donated in memory of Pandoras Dilemma to the Survivor Sucks Community Chest.

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