Lurv Cruise

Lurv Cruise: The original dead board that just wouldn't die.

eury created the board under a grand delusion that everyone was going to get along and we'd all post thought-provoking shit and be best friends FOREVER.

Then came the Easter Egg explosion-design, spiderriffic!-design, allyourwaterbugsbelongtous-design, general taunting, mindless horror, apologetic haiku, and, for a horrendous and brief moment… the bunny design.

Everything at the board led to emotional trauma and then later, global bannings.

… Even Stevie's. No one was safe.

It's a DEAD DEAD DEAD board again, but don't be surprised if it comes back to life. It's just THAT evil.

(pippy is courtesy of the San Diego Center for Arachnids under spesial arrangement)
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