For quite some time, Louie77 was the very definition of a one note poster. While he never contributed anything of relevance to the board, he was considered noteworthy because his favorite contestants never seemed to win the thousands of reality shows he watched. (An impartial observer might point out that this was no coincidence, that Louie77 had a tendency to support weird unlikeable characters who would have no chance at winning). This unlucky streak was who Louie77 became, the very definition of him as a boarder. Little did people know the twisted soul that lied beneath the surface.

The true Louie77 began to show himself as soon as he began posting at the Mafia board. He e-wined and e-dined all of the female posters, notable among them Ajenda, Princess DD Cup, and Nicababe. These e-mances always ended poorly — Ajenda ran off with Muffdiver2, and Princess DD Cup told him to kill himself after he offered her tickets to a Rockstar: INXS concert. The most sour of these courtships, however, was one with a mysterious new poster named Diogrl. She claimed to be a good friend of notable handsome poster BJTonic, and as Louie77 soon discovered she was quite attractive herself. After approaching her using his trademark opener of "Hiya", the two hit it off, and they began exchanging pictures with one another. Armed with seemingly an endless array of lewd pictures of herself, Diogrl won Louie77's heart and got him to open up to her. He confided that he had been having oral sex with his most recent MySpace love, Amanda, and that he had masturbated before (although he thought it was yucky.) Eventually, Louie77 felt so comfortable with diogrl that he took a number of risque pictures of himself. Two of them stood out most notably — one where he was licking his armpit, and one that had his wiener in it. During a temporary leave of absence from the boards, diogrl divulged this all to the good residents of mafia chat and shared with them the picture of his penis. Upon being questioned about this incident when he returned, Louie77 first claimed that it wasn't his penis. After that, he said he was drunk. Then he said he was drunk because he ate an entire rum cake. Finally, he admitted that he did not eat any rum cake at all while taking the pictures, although there was a rum cake present in the house. The validity of this statement is questionable. At a later date, Muffdiver2 recognized the pictures that diogrl had been sending Louie77 as pornstar Melissa Midwest. After a confrontation, diogrl admitted that she was actually a ratty dark-haired jewess and not a busty blonde teen.

While these pictures were being passed around, Louie77 was having the time of his life. He had engaged and moved in with his 17 year old MySpace love and was semi-regularly engaging in anal sex with her. Their relationship was so much grander than just that, though — they watched television and went to Wal-Mart with each other. It was truly a fairy tale. However, the relationship had its fair share of rocky moments. After being invited for a steamy 6-hour Mario Kart session with her close male friend, Louie77 began to grow jealous of the males close to his Manda. She was a prize pig, after all, and would have her fair share of suitors. He began to instruct her never to leave the house, and yelled at her cousin for spending too much time with her. Other rough patches arose, too — his mother brutally attacked Amanda when she ate the lasagna his mother so greatly desired, Louie77 brutally murdered Amanda's ducks in cold blood. Despite his best efforts to keep their relationship in tact, Amanda broke it off and Louie77 left Maryland for Queens, alone, how he will most likely remain for the rest of his life.

During late 2007-early 2008, Louie, Najactor, and Osten Carty found an amateur survivor series on youtube created by Chad Ferris, executive producer of Ferris Wheel Productions. The three went on to mock the series in a thread on Lions, Tigers, Survivorsforum on Survivor Sucks. Chad eventually discovered the thread and found love at first sight with his biggest fan, Louie77. Chad was invited to Mafia Chat, where he talked endlessly about FWP to the point where only Louie was left listening. Louie and Chad bonded so much over this that the flamboyant Chad offered to invite Louie to come to Arizona to play a Ferris Wheel Game. Louie jokingly declined, but the ever-lustful Chad still wanted him. They continued to talk on the myspace and instant messenger, with Chad Ferris even buying Louie a microphone so they could voice chat while louie watched him shirtless on a video cam. Most recently Chad offered Louie to move to Arizona and live with him while he gets married to his beard, Amanda Ferris, but Louie declined. Louie has since hid and has avoided Chad since.

He has recently shown an interest in loving again — when Najactor gained access to Louie77's MySpace page, he found that he had sent a "Hiya" message to a number of girls. Most of them told him to never talk to them again. Always resilient, Louie77 has found two girls to receive his e-ffection: ComedienneStarlet (who is way out of his league) and TiiNyDancer xX (who is a Haitian GODDESS.)

However, there is so much more to Louie77 than just his love life!

  • He has thrown hissyfits over a number of online games, ranging from Survivor to a Yahoo! game of American Idol to ISketch. All of them resulted in a boardicide.
  • He has a fucked up vulture eye
  • ??? I'm drawing a blank really.

Most recently, Louie77 has found himself doing the brunt of his boarding in the Clubs That Suck forum. He started a "Club of Favorites", which chronicles the worthless unlikeable nobodies that he has rooted for on every shitty reality show that he has watched. He also takes credit for starting the trend of making threads where people rank various reality-show related moments in the forum. He has closely aligned himself with other up-and-coming CTS superstars like Osten Carty, TW4Life, and JasonSiskaLulz. Led by Louie77, their reign has produced a renaissance of sorts in the forum that shows no sign of ending.

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