Sucks OT poster (as well as the Whatevah board), Loki is an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, encased in ferret hair and monkey crap.

A RL Zoo Keeper and concert arena usher, Loki enjoys wearing pink hats.

Sandra Bollock fan. Many Loki topics surround her ever-evolving nasal area.

Sorta ditzy, in a Thursdayfix sorta way.

Makes Liza Minelli look like a monogamous, sober member of society in comparison.

Musically hip, despite being kinda old….

Looking for bush. For her backyard.

Makes blind people wander through the zoo willy-nilly. And woe to the fat folks who forget to buy a parking pass.

Has been accepted into one of the country's premiere monkey schools.

Doesn't generally give permission for other people to post her pic.

Sort of a rabid version of Jitensha: both are immature with an overblown sense of self and suffer the illusion that ditzy is cute, but loki tends to foam at the mouth and snarl at random people like a diseased little kick-me dog that thinks it's a wolf.

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