Laptakan Phrase Book Volume 3

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Someone who constantly praises or gushes over a friend's post EVERY single time they post anything.

Example: The moon is out…

Friend: You are the BEST…..

Warning: This may be met with extreme disdain from other posters and flaming may ensue. Try at your own risk.

Author: Crook1

The worthless asshole: This person posts nonsensical sexist/racist/homophobic bullshit and picks fights with anyone who tells him to go away. Unlike your typical culture-vulture, who may also pick fights, the WA has little or no skill with the English language, and may tell you to "suck his dick" or "stop being a c_nt". This person generally contributes nothing, but if ignored, some good posting can occur around him.

Author: SurviveThis

DEAD ZONE : a posting that begs for a response but doesn't get one. Occurs most frequently when posting amid a flaming war:

Poster 1: Shut up, you nepotisticasskisser.
Poster 2: No, you shut up, you arrogant edit-pussy.
Dead Zone: Can you believe that Amber's such an idiot?
Poster 1: You wouldn't know an edit-pussy if it sat on your face.
Poster 2: Oh, yeah? Well I'm sure you know all about ass kissing. Hope you use a dental dam.

And on and on ad nauseum.

Other reasons a Dead Zone can occur:

1. The poster has fallen out of favor with his or her peers.
2. The poster is viewed as a buttinsky on that particular thread.
3. The dead zone posting is just plain fucking stupid.

In any case, once you've created a Dead Zone posting, it's best just to slink off and find a new set of playmates.

Author: bangabong

Scout: a poster who replies early to threads that show promise. These posters can be found within the top few posts of long threads, but don't respond to a thread if it appears to be weak.

Author: Blarx

This poster is characterized as a new poster who enters the board with both barrels blasting. Their only intent is to post something hateful/mean spirited, usually directed at a "regular" poster on the board or the board itself. They are cowards at best, at worst they leave bad feelings/infighting in their wake, which is probably their intent.

Author: Hobie Lapatka

FUCKTARD: A ghost nic or other shit disturbing entity that encroaches upon our playground with no other purpose than to seek and destroy.

Author(s): Word first coined by SheilasGoneTroppa, defined by Marakingirl

Fucktard Smuggler - Is the term used for a regular poster who introduces a Fucktard to Hobietopia by giving them a link to this Board. Fucktard Smugglers will be dealt with harshly under the Hobie Penal Code 321.

Author: SheilasGoneTroppa

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