Early bonding experience for many "middlebe" type posters who joined during the Survivor 4-5 era.

It all began when some incarnation of Bart Anderson started a thread in Sucks called "Winner: The Most Boring Thread in EzBoard HERstory," with a link to a thread at the Hello Kitty board, known as KittyRealm.

The thread in question more or less involved a single poster, HelloMyMelody, playing a word game with herself that involved listing things related to Hello Kitty. Sometimes HelloMyMelody would correct herself. Sometimes she'd compliment herself on an especially good word.

Survivor Sucks posters quickly joined the game with contributions of their own. Dr. Weems, especially, was in full form during early stages of the invasion. Some of the Hello Kitty regulars- HelloTica and Kraven- fought back, but they were pretty much out of their league.

It more or less degraded into a full scale invasion of the Kitty board, with Sucks posters hijacking every thread, along with that board's locator map and chatroom. Especially (allegedly) clever portions of the invasion would be dispatched back to one of several threads in Sucks.

But everyone's thirst for causing trouble was not sated, and Sucks posters soon began invading other wholesome boards. It all came to a screeching halt when RobVanStratus - already well known for previous bouts of stupidity-led a charge at a Waterloo of a breast feeding board. Everyone knows you don't fuck with the lacto-fascists, and they quickly went to EZlegal. EZlegal went to Anti who tapped out an adorably humble apology on behalf of the retarded Sucks populace, and I'll finish this later because it's lunch time and I'm hungry.

The end result was that Sucks admins cut back on allowing references to other boards for awhile, while Sucks posters all learned a lot more about Hello Kitty vibrators.

Clarification: It was not in this most glorious war that squashthebeef had dreamed up "Zijihad". It was, however, his "break-out" incident, so it has that going for it, which is nice. Nice… very, nice. Nice until your nose falls off, rotted by syphilis due to the "break-out". Coincidentally, the KittyRealm died a most horrible, lingering death afterwards…which, once again, is nice. It's really all nice, well, until your nose festers and drops off placidly in someone's lunch. Unless the person in whose lunch your festering nose drops really deserved it—then it is still nice.

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