Troublemaker. Shit-stirrer. Old Man. Father of Bastards.

Admin at survivor-sucks and sweatys. Ex-member of poignant-discussion.

Known for pwning your interwebs and making CD trays spontaneously explode. Otherwise living a quiet life sitting on Sweaty's lap.

Likes to compose dirty haiku about Zach Braff in his head while watching the comic genius that is Scrubs.

Sheep-fucker. Wears kilts so his zipper won't scare them away.


Suffers from the same fate of all Sucks Admins past and present: An extremely large penis.

Famous for schleping out the same old material from forum to forum, thread to thread, trotting it out like a third rate comedian performing in the Borscht Belt, delivering the line and waiting for his rim job shot.

Insightful and Intuitive. Unfortunately, doesn't know what those mean.

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