You say board whore like it's a bad thing…

A welcomed poster on many boards, and a master of all search engines. You wanna a link/image to outline yer point? Ask Jane's assistance, it's her pleasure.

An involved and concerned mom. They don't make them any better than that.

Never met a cat she didn't like. LOLcat poster extraordinaire!

No one ever believed the rumors and the pictures were way too fuzzy to prove anything.

Known ghostnicks

"Well for Els game and the thuper thread challenges I created a boatload of nicks"

bad bad doggie
bad fortune cookie
big bad doggie
Big Tuna kahuna
Bitch pickles
blance deveroe
BLT extra mayo
bought the farm
Buzzard breath
calcio king
CC copycat
chewin on you
city sewerflush
clean up on isle 3
clean up on isle 4
creole gumbo lady
diamond dealer
diggers cow
dubyas camp david bug, chef, limodriver,mistress,oval office bug,pilot,secret service bodyguard, valet
Feather brains
GBIADS, mother,official photographer,travel agent,wench
Gina giraffe
Goodie bag
grounds of faith
H ross Perot
Handbasket Lady
happy hampster
Hoses nads
Hows it hanging
Humperdrink, humperdrunk
I kicked the cat
I love howard stern
Jane1958, is evil,boobies,boobs,butt,gyno,tits,twat,insane
John the lennon
Laughing dog
moms n prison
Mrs Burger
Palm readers are us
Pinky is insane
rat dog catcher
red eye gravy
Restaurant at the end of the universe
rubber chicken soup
Ruby slippers my ass
She kicked my dog
shovel and pail
snow friggin yellow
so sue me already
sparky mcfizzlenuts
takee outee
the 12 step program
the 7th fleet
The afterlife
The black black widow
the black sock
the blue skittle man
the buzzer
the gene pool
the horny librarian
the weather girl
twisted pantyhose
Uberdecoder ring
Viagra Vixen
Wall street index
Wilber and Jed
Zorro Twins

Plus two more which are secret (TC and merkyl)

A very helpful poster with all her internets links knowledge.

"Very helpful?" This woman has mad skillz! She has superhuman recall and is the fastest googler in the industrialized world! We have yet to see the limit of her abilities.

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