IT S Like Being Whacked Over The Head With A Baseball Bat

Original Thread here

Thread started by CherryKisses, regarding her surprise at finding out her best friend was gay after snooping in the cache of the computer he'd been using.

After this revelation, she received a beatdown unprecedented until that time. Cherrykisses was so thoroughly discredited that she returned and edited out all of her posts in the thread, which in no way stopped the party.

The thread remains enshrined on Monster Island and still contains some of the finest work ever done by many of the posters there, as well as ensuring that the dogpile will remain a time-honored method of dealing with unmitigated fucktardary.


Coined Tobacco Rhoda's phrase "Cocksucker Outing Festivus," so aptly represented by SlimeSlurp's animated emotifucker above.

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