A poster who has a serious identity crisis. The nic started out as an evil triumverate with two other posters, but is now the sole property of the Poster Formerly Known As DarkGwalchmei (DG). Also referred to as IDP, DG, Speed Limit55, MadtheSwine, CadyH, slugberta, Zeep, Evil Emperor Palpatine, The Rabbit of Caerrbannog, and Lost My Frog (and others).

Relentlessly teased Alkabong by counting down to his 1000th post as DarkG at Reality Sucks, only to post a picture of himself then disappear sometime in 2002 at 999 posts. Surreptitiously posted as Mad the Swine and Lost My Frog, both who stopped posting at 999 posts. No one caught on. Re-appeared in 2008 and admitted to all of his other nicknames.

You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave.

Creator and Illustrator of The Adventures of Big Dick Pig and his Peg Leg Xmas Lights Butt Plug Dog.

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