Holiocorn joined the Sucks lists during the time of Survivor Outback. He was quite adept at making entertaining Photoshop images ('chops) of Outback participants for the amusement of the rabble. A highly popular poster at the time. Was part of original Poignant Discussion group ghostnic, and was often associated with poster JennyJct. For a time, some were convinced that holiocorn and CountAsterisk were, in fact, the same poster.

Boardacided briefly during a rough-up involving Sitcomlady666 after his IP address was tracked and (using the EZGlitch) his email was discovered. Sitcomlady666 and her hired goon Cygnus threatened to report holiocorn to his employer for using company computers to commit "cyber crime" of mocking up a fake hotmail account and using it to drill for Sitcomlady's RL info. As part of the "settlement" of this egregious act, both holiocorn and JennyJct had to boardacide.

The original nick of the poster is now reportedly known as MrDrill and posts infrequently.

(Known) Ghostnics

Poignant Discussion

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