A ghostnic is an account created separately from a primary nic. Motivations for creating a ghostnic may be anonymous attacks, satire, or humor. Although ghostnic is an encompassing term for all secondary accounts, it contains several subclasses.

Ghost Dick

A generic term for a malicious ghost nic. It is sometimes used by those who generally disapprove of the entire practice to include all types of ghostnics.

Lurker Nic

A ghostnic which only appears on a lurker bar without ever posting.

Character Nic

A ghost nic which takes on the characteristics of a famous person, fictional character, satire of a primary nic or an original creation (i.e. The Units of Reality Sucks). These ghostnics are primarily used for satire and comedy.


Not a true ghostnic since the user usually makes known the change from the original nic. Reincarnics are rare as the transition from one primary nic to a new primary nic can be controversial. (Ex. griftd of Survivor Sucks changing to Jimmy The Hand at Reality Sucks)

Also see Multiples

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