Flf Spokesperson

Character nic that originated at Sweatys to combat the "evils" of the uberchews. Purported to be liberating the people of "New Sweatistan".

FLF is short for "Fucktard Liberation Front".

Focusing most of his vitrol vs. Tobacco Rhoda.

Known for taking the term "Viva The Revolution" and putting it through translating software to come up with the phrase "Paper Towels The Turning!!!"

In addition to FLF Spokesperson, characternics such as FLF Assassin and FLF Terrorist Cell were created at or around the same time. They would mock attacks against the evil "TRhovita and her Jack-Booted Thugs".

Leader of FLF was "Generalissimo Hoseyerdaddyabobo" who was also an ardent opponent of the uberchews.

Never really hilariously funny, but he shows up every once in a while.

Also known foil of Jimmy The Hand

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