Flaming Woody

During Survivor: The Australian Outback, a thread was begun to discuss the appearance of a piece of wood set ablaze by a forest fire. The poster gLennLovecoLLeen wondered if the piece of wood was planted by Survivor crew. The spelling and grammar of the post was so poor that rather than respond to the poster or even flame him, the forum regulars instead copied the garbled post and replaced selected words to create new and increasingly nonsequitur imitations (similar in concept to "Mad Libs.") This style of flaming became known as the "flaming wood" or "flaming woody".

Text of Original Post:

Remember when keith and Rodger found the flaming wood and brought it back to camp, Keith mentioned it must have been out there for two weeks ever since the place was on fire, but how can this be??? Wasn't there tons of rain during that time?? SO who can that fire still exist?? IT WAS PLANTED BY SURVIVOR CREW SO THEY HAVE FIRE!!!! Just so they can help the cast out.

What do you guys think?? Fake or legit??

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